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Service and Maintenance
Professional care and maintenance of a client hairpiece is essential to the long term success of your hair replacement business. The servicing of hair replacements is a business in itself, and will bring added revenue into your salon. It is important to remember that your relationship with your client does not end with the sale of the hairpiece — it is only the beginning. If the client is encouraged to return to your salon periodically for hair cuts and complete service of his hairpiece, his confidence in your salon will be secured and he will be your customer for life. In addition, a satisfied and well-groomed customer can attract new business to your shop. He becomes a walking advertisement for you. Headstart’s hairpieces and wigs are practically care free and very easy to maintain. Here is a simple beginning to end guide to keep your client looking his best.

Before: To demonstrate how easy it is to maintain the style of your client’s Headstart hairpiece, I will use a skin hairpiece, made of modacrylic fiber, in which all the style and body have been completely removed.
Shampooing: Remove a tape that may have been left on the base of the hairpiece.
If there is any glue or tape residue still on the base, it can be easily removed by spraying Topsol Spray to area and gently rubbing with a cloth. Next, simply place the hairpiece in a basin of warm water and apply SUPRA NATURE shampoo, specially formulated to restore life and highlights as it cleans and refreshes hair replacements. Gently wash the piece, twice if necessary, until all hair spray, etc., has been removed. Rinse thoroughly. To give it lasting protection from everyday elements apply SUPRA-NATURE conditioner, specially formulated to restore body and natural lustre.
Pinning: After rinsing, secure the hairpiece to a canvas block using small straight pins (6 to 8 pins will do) around the perimeter of the hairpiece placing the pins about ¼ inch from the edge of the base. Now you are ready to begin restyling.
Replacing the Body: Putting body back into the modacrylic fiber should always be done while the fiber is wet.
We recommend using a teflon coated curling iron that has a high and low heat switch. When recurling, the “low heat” setting is used. Starting at the crown, take a section approximately 2 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick. Comb the strands smooth and hold in a forward position. Clamp the iron around the bottom of the strands and slide it up to the tips. Rotate the iron one full turn toward the back. Hold the curl for a few seconds. You should see a little steam rising from the curl. Then open the iron and release.
Continue, working your way toward the front of the hairpiece.
It is not necessary to curl the strands all the way down to the base. The curl will become too tight, and separation marks may result between curls.
When putting body into the sides of the hairpiece, the angle of the
is changed to a vertical position. Comb your first section forward.
Following the same technique as before, place the iron around the strands and slide it to the tips, making sure the ends are smooth around the barrel of the curling iron. Then rotate the iron one full turn toward the back. Continue this procedure, section by section, until you have reached the crown area.
At the back take a horizontal section approximately 2 inches wide by ½ inch thick.
Clip the remaining fiber out of the way. This section should be curled under. Following the same technique as before, clamp the iron around the strands, slide it to the tips and curl the ends under. Then comb the remaining fiber down and curl under in the same way. Continue curling under until you have reached the right side of the hairpiece.
At the right side, take vertical sections, as you did with the left side.
Continue working as before, curling the tips back, working your way toward the front of the piece.
When completely restyled, you can either leave it to dry naturally or place it in a wig dryer for 10 minutes. The modacrylic fibers dry very quickly.
After: When completely dry, brush it out. It is now ready for your client to put on and go out in style again.
*Note: Follow exactly the same process for all of our synthetic hair replacements including wigs.

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