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Custom Fitting a Skin Hairpiece (continued)
by section, wetting the fiber each time and directing the knots by
pressing firmly against the base.
At the front, comb down a section, clip remaining hair out of the way. Wet strands and use the iron to direct the front hairline over the edge of base so when hair is brushed back the edge of the base will not show.
Repeat this procedure throughout the entire front edge, as shown.
When the pre-styling has been completed, the hairpiece is left to dry naturally. It is now ready for final styling to be done on your client’s head.
Placement of piece: For convenience, Headstart’s “custom cut” transparent tape is used to attach piece to scalp.
Piece is turned inside-out, Tape is placed on piece as shown with two strips of tape at front, one down the back. Protective paper is peeled away from tape in preparation for placement. Before piece is placed, alcohol saturated cotton puff is used to remove excess oil from scalp.
Piece is centered, placed about four fingers above browline, and then adjusted until in desired position. Front of piece is then pressed down to the head and held in place.
Next the soft, pliable base is stretched over the head by rolling
back to conform to every contour of the client’s head. This technique
will give you a perfect “second skin” fit.
Styling Details: Starting on the left side, take your first section
under the part. Clip the remaining out of the way, spray with water and begin feathering the ends with a razor to blend in with the client’s own hair. (This procedure can also be done with thinning shears.) When the underneath is complete, comb down clipped section and repeat same procedure until the entire left side is styled. Continue, working your way around the back and right side, carefully feather cutting the ends until they have been completely blended in with the client’s hair.
The front of the piece should appear soft, with the lightest distribution of hair.
Working section by use the razor to feather the strands as shown. Repeat this procedure until the entire top is complete.
After: Clean soft lines make this hair piece a positive choice for the style conscious man.

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