Miscellaneous Accessories
Accessories   Style Number
Ventilating Needle From Germany   VNG
Ventilating Needle From Korea   VNK
Ventilating Needle Holder Long Casting - Metal   VNHL
Sealer Kit - Liquid Polyurethane For Repair   SLR109
Canvas Blocks, Sizes 21", 22", 23", 24"   CBC
Canvas Block, Long Neck - Size 22"   CBL
Deluxe Metal Wig Clamp   WIG CLAMP
Capskin - Template for Mold Making   CAPSKIN
Plastic Insert for Hairpieces   PHI
Blank Styro Head With Hole   SFB
Styro Head, With Hole For Hairpieces   SFBH
Styling Stand With Suction Cup   SCB
Steamer, Hand Help, Compact   HHS
Iron-On Tape Tab Material (1 Square Foot)   10TM
Educational Videos Set of Two, Complete Step by Step Information on Repairing, Ventilating, Etc (VHS) Non-Returnable    
Retail Brochures, Generic, Black & White    
Designing Hair Additions Book by Pivot Point    
Retail Brochures, Generic, Color    
Master Minute Maker (4M)    
HeadStart Hair Spray    

Skin Parts, Air Flow Parts & Sideburns
(Available in Color 1B through 60, on the HeadStart Color Ring)
  Style Number
Skin Parts SKP100
Air Flow Parts   AFP100
Sideburns (For Wig Attachments) SBNS200
Sideburns Lace (Glue or Tape on to Face. Textured, Can Be Cut and Styled.) SBNS300

Mannequins   Style Number
Light Flesh Tone, Lightly Made Up, Facing to Side on a stand, 27" High   TAL27
Grey Tone, Facing to the Side, Lightly Made Up With Lipstick, 27" High   TAR27
Bronze Tone - 16" High   WJA16
Flesh Tone, Tall - 53" High   WJA53

Color Rings   Style Number
HeadStart Hair For Men Color Ring   MCR18
Grey Percentage Ring (Ideal For Determining The Exact Grey Percentage)   GPR16
Hair Fantasy Creation's Color Ring   WCR10
Fantasy Fun Color Selection Ring   WFR20
New Direction Ring   NDCR
Keti's Color Selection Ring   KCR

Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Rinse , & Hairspray   Size
Palm Spring Riche Shampoo
(Lightly scented, Ph Balanced)
  8 ozs
Malibu Mist
(Liquid conditioner detangler, lightly scented)
  8 ozs
Frisco Fixx Hairspray
(Extra Hold with Panthenol. Lightly Scented.) 
  8 ozs
Beverly Hills Finishing Rinse
(Panthenol Rinse, Lightly Scented, Non-oily)
  8 ozs

VAPON Products Size Style Number
Topsol Chromatone Spray 4 ozs VAPN100
Topsol Adhesive Solvent 4 ozs VAPN105
Topsol Cloth Roll " x 3 Yards VAPN20
Topsol Cloth Roll 1" x 3 Yards VAPN40
Topstick Tape Strips 3 x 1 x 50 VAPN50
Topstick Tape Strips 3 x x 50 VAPN60
Topstick Custom Cuts Tape Strips 3 x 50 VAPN70
No-Tape Liquid 1 oz. VAPN85
No-Tape Liquid 3.5 grams Micro Clip