It’s not by chance that Ron Barris is the most talented, major innovator in the hair replacement industry today. Ron learned his art from the master of wig making, Alfred S. Barris. Ron’s apprenticeship began naturally at the remarkable age of seven under the careful tutelage of his father, Alfred S. Barris.

For over 80 years Alfred Barris devoted his superior talents to designing and creating wigs for the famous. As a young boy in London, Barris had a passion for the theater but lacked the skill to act. Being an enterprising individual, he found a way he could be near the stage and make money at the same time. He became a child apprentice at Gusdorfs of London, then the top theatrical wig company in the world. He left England for Australia in 1907 with an opera company and eventually made his way to New York City. By 1919, Barris had his own shop and was the primary wigmaker for most of the large operas and Broadway shows. Such greats as Enrico Caruso sought him out for his unsurpassed skills. Barris’ clients spanned the years from Mary Pickford to Angela Lansbury, His remarkable genius created wigs that could actually capture the essence of the portrayed characters. Hello Dolly, starring Carol Channing, and recent Woody Allen movies featured his wig designs. His studio near Times Square was famous among actors from coast to coast. Helen Hayes, Frederic March, Rosalind Russell, Gloria Swanson, and Carol Channing were only a few of his thousands of clients. Until three weeks before his death at age 96 Alfred Barris was still making wigs.

Barris took great pride in his delicate art, for it was a skill possessed by few. His secrets were many and it was important to him that he passes this mastership to his son Ron. As a youth, Ron Barris spent hours daily in the workshop learning all the facets of wig making necessary to be a master ventilator. Ron has long since mastered the art of wig making and can readily change a dream into a reality. Like his father, he en joys serving the entertainment industry. Sea World, Boardwalk and Baseball, Cypress Gardens, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Disney Land, MGM, and various motion picture producers request hairpieces created by Barris.

With his skill and innovativeness, Ron created a hair replacement company, Headstart Hair For Men that is unparalleled by any other in the hair replacement industry. He is knowledgeable in all stages of the construction of his hairpieces and wigs, from the vital foundation to the final product. He knows his clients want a foundation as thin as possible, yet durable. They want a flexible lightweight base that is cool and allows air circulation. And, of course, it is understood that the contour of the foundation be precise in order to fit naturally and be absolutely undetectable. In addition, they request a myriad of colors and styles. Ron gives his clients what they demand. His understanding of the “total construction” of his products and his intense drive to perfect what is already the best available is what makes Barris’ hairpieces so desirable. Ron Barris is never satisfied with the status quo of his stock. He is in a never-ending search for the ‘perfect” materials to be used in the manufacturing of hair replacement pro ducts. Headstart Hair For Men offers a vast range of superior quality hair replacements and accessories that is unmatched anywhere. Moreover, Ron Barris is totally committed to providing full service for all of his products. It’s no wonder that his hair replacement goods have been sought after by the finest salons throughout the world.


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